No sale is not killed - Aquatimer Ocean series "Shark" special limited edition chronograph

More and more shark species are now at risk of extinction, and more than 100 million sharks are harvested and brutally killed each year, and the continued overfishing of other marine species is also significant Threatens the food source of the shark, potentially exacerbating the process of extinction. In order to make more people aware of this important ecological issues, the rolex replica nations carefully introduced a marine series "shark" special limited edition chronograph watch, it has an intuitive disk design and distinctive carving patterns, highlighting this The core theme of the watch - the protection of endangered species - is everyone's responsibility. A Brief History of the Ocean Series In the early 1940s, the famous oceanographer Emile Gagnan and Jacques-Yves Cousteau invented scuba, a self-contained, Underwater respirator, which not only makes the advent of mankind in the field of marine exploration has been further expanded, but also contributed to the diving equipment in the future global scope of commercial success. Until the 1960s, however, diving was still regarded as a very dangerous sport, with only a handful of replica rolex watches brands devoted to developing dive timepieces designed to make it easier and safer for the sport , Which will include among the nations. In 1967, the nations launched its first diving watch, it is the famous Aquatimer 812AD watch. Which uses a unique crown in the transfer-type single rotating diving bezel, the crown can be adjusted by 4:00, so that the wearer in the water 200 meters under the depth of the water can be strictly effective allocation of time, So as to complete its diving operations. Models 1816 and 1822 diving watches introduced in the late sixties, their water depth has been enhanced to a level of 300 meters, while the case also carried out a certain rectification, the use of a mat style design . The mid-seventies, nations with Porsche Design cooperation, the famous Ocean 2000 watch was born. This is the world's first to reach this amazing depth of the diving water meter, and its emergence has also led to the development of a number of emerging technologies can be said that in one fell swoop laid the nations in the field of diving watch the leading position. In 1998, the nations in the GST uk replica watches series (Gold, Steel, Titanium) which, launched a titanium alloy material, equipped with an external diving bezel, waterproof depth of 200 meters of excellent timepieces. In 1999, the nations launched the first equipped with a mechanical depth gauge and maximum depth indicator diving watches, model GST Deep One. In 2004, the nations of the watch series has undergone a major adjustment, the Aquatimer officially launched as a complete watch series, the marine timing series. The new style is still the same as the original Aquatimer watch, with built-in diving bezel design. In 2008, the time when the 140th anniversary of the brand, the nations of some of its legendary style was engraved, so the original Aquatimer watch with a more modern design to return again. In 2009, the marine series once again rectification, and this time is to give up the traditional, with an external diving bezel design. In the Deep One watch released a decade later, equipped with a new depth of the Deep Two watch, in order to better and more outstanding posture, appeared in the world. Aquatimer series of the latest models introduced in 2014, it is equipped with a patented SafeDive device. The presence of the device enables the diver to control the rotation of the inner ring with the diving scale through the external bezel, thus effectively monitoring the time spent underwater, and this feature also allows the divers to underwater adverse factors (Such as wearing a diving gloves, etc.), easy operation to adjust the watch. Aquatimer marine series "Shark" special limited edition chronograph Since 2009, the nations have been in-depth cooperation with the Darwin Foundation, strongly advocated a series of environmental protection, including shark protection concepts. This new "shark" chronograph limited edition of 500, is designed to enable more people to improve the protection of endangered species awareness. The chronograph to stainless steel material to create, using the distinctive "shark gray" disk, in the bottom of the back table is also engraved with a group of hammer shark's exquisite pattern, at the same time, the watch is also equipped with the SafeDive System, so that underwater time adjustment becomes more convenient. Its internal carrying Cal 800365 self-winding movement can provide 68 hours of power reserve, and with flyback time function. The Shark Chronograph will be bundled with the US shaman, Michael Muller's "Shark," which is published by Taschen, each with a photographer's autograph. , Its appearance is equally compelling, because it is bound in a miniature shark cage, and then with the Xuepentaikou on the cover, can be described as lifelike, impressive.