Christmas chop guide - 2016 five best chronograph

With the timing function of the watch is definitely the best-selling, they are the darling of the auction, people compete for the object, at the same time, they can be said that all times, the most iconic style one of the protagonists of the endless stream. 2016 will soon be over, in this year which also has a lot of the brand launched the excellent timing style in the table sector kill special kill, and they are without exception, have a superior appearance, reliable performance and excellence Of the process to show. In view of the large number of players, love table family feel that it is necessary for the launch of this year's time to do a year-end watch, so the next, let us take a look at 2016 five best chronograph which a few . Rolex cosmometer type Daytona 116500LN ceramic chronograph Christmas chop hand guide - 2016 five best chronograph This uk replica watches cosmic type Daytona 116500LN ceramic chronograph as the beginning of the article must have been excellent. The watch is not just a popular product of the moment, more precisely, its arrival is a strong impact on the watch industry. When Rolex first released its day, retailers in the hands of the appointment list has begun to increase proportionately. A few days later, in the first day of booking a step slow in the hearts of the fans will have to understand that you want to get this table in time seems to have become a luxury, because it is too sought-after ... Even today, This table in the ash market price is still higher than its regular price of about 50%. The most surprising is that, in addition to ceramic bezel and a slight correction of the disk, the design of this new style of the release in 2000 compared to the old Daytona is exactly the same. But have to say, the use of ceramic bezel changed everything, whether it is the proportion of touch or texture, as if to be re-defined in general, become better than ever. Overall, the black bezel effectively enhances Daytona luxury, sport and durability of the unique combination, which has always been the key to the success of Daytona watch, it is no wonder that Rolex will be called " Extreme perfect chronograph ". At least this time, Xiaobian feel that this boast quite appropriate. Its price is: 11,350 euros. Omega Speedmaster Series CK2998 limited edition replica watches Christmas chop hand guide - 2016 five best chronograph Earlier this year, Xiaobian has released an article on this Omega Speedmaster CK2998 watch shopping guide articles, and throughout is its praise, it is clear that the reasons for this table cool Is multifaceted. First of all certainly is its name, "super" two words from the literal enough to domineering, and absolute minutes hanging a bunch of brands, not to mention people have been to the moon ... Second, it is the panda disk design , And three vice dial and the second hand scale with the silver disk form a sharp contrast, very clear, and the use of deep blue color also gives the whole table a mysterious and strange texture. Finally, it is equipped with the internal movement of the classic manual winding Cal.1861. Of course, there are certainly many people would like to ask: Why this table is still called "CK2998" mean? It does not seem to have any similarity with the original CK2998 ah, in fact, Xiao Bian do not understand, but in any case, this does not affect it is a very good chronograph watch the fact. The price of the watch is 5400 euros. Seiko Presage Series 60th Anniversary Chronograph Christmas chop hand guide - 2016 five best chronograph Imagine: a self-built brand, self-winding, integrated timing function, column-wheel mechanism and the vertical clutch device movement, and the enamel or lacquer plate to create the replica rolex watches, it is estimated how much money to spend it ?? One hundred thousand? Two hundred thousand? Or more ... may we have preconceived, the prerequisite as a Swiss watch, in fact, Xiao Bian is that in Japan, so the result? The result is such a good chronograph, priced less than 17,000, it is the Seiko Presage Series 60 anniversary chronograph watch a look at the appearance of the process to look at the price feels as if being fooled the general watch. Its movement is excellent, its disk is exquisite, its overall design is to pay tribute to the early classic. In general, this timepiece is definitely the most cost-effective player in 2016, the only fly in the ointment is limited. If you are interested in it, then do not hesitate, it is estimated not left a few children, and quickly chop hand it! Its price is 15,700 yuan (white enamel disk) and 16900 yuan (black lacquer disk). Vacheron Constantin universal series 5500V chronograph watch Christmas chop hand guide - 2016 five best chronograph "Zonghengghaihai" than the "super" to be better, because compared to the latter is somewhat similar to the comic heroes of the general name, vertical and horizontal universal show is entirely a adventure theme of the romantic picture. With the 4500V automatic watch, the brand also make every effort to make this 5500V chronograph watch the perfection. The new design is much better than before, the modern atmosphere, elegant style and durable texture of the seamless combination. And for the table to provide adequate power "engine" is the brand to create their own self-winding chronograph movement Cal.5200, which has the Geneva mark. The last thing to say is that this watch strap connection is also equipped with a built-in locking device, through which the wearer can in just one minute to replace the strap, is very convenient. It has three disk styles to choose from, namely: silver, blue and brown. The price is 31100 euros. Parmigiani Tonda series of dual-chronograph watch Christmas chop hand guide - 2016 five best chronograph Finally, let us to Parmigiani Tonda series chronograph dual-chronograph movement to end the article it, chose it, mainly because of its internal carrying the stunning Cal.PF361 type Mechanical movement. This piece of brand-made, with double-chronograph function of the movement is almost entirely made of pure gold material (at least the plywood and table bridge is), and the best way to its modification, like works of art is generally people Enchanted. Its internal countless angles and chamfers, etc., entirely by hand to complete the same time, some of the above pattern handwriting and the like, but also made by hand carved, intuitive point of view, almost every component has been fine grinding Too, fully demonstrated its high-end atmosphere on the level of grade. If this year to hold a watch anti-wear activities, then there is no doubt that this timepiece will be the ultimate winner. Its price is 128,600 euros.